Introduction of APAAC

Distinguished medical professionals in the anti-aging industry across the Asia Pacific,

The Asia Pacific Anti-Aging Course (APAAC), which will be held this coming November 23 (Friday) to November 25 (Sunday), is an official training program hosted by the Daegu Metropolitan City, the proud medical hub of the Republic of Korea, and organized by the Daegu Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Courses will be offered by 53 renowned specialists from Daegu as well as from other cities in Korea, with lectures, live surgeries, and hands-on practice sessions (in dentistry) to provide a substantial learning experience. The APAAC Organizing Committee and Program Committee met and deliberated for nearly five months to develop the highly detailed and practical training sessions to be included in the course.

In dermatology, a team of 11 specialists, including three distinguished physicians from Seoul, will give lectures on the latest anti-aging technologies. The group will be divided into two teams to experience full-day live surgeries. The clinic that will host these live surgeries, All 4 Skin, has been designated as one of Korea’s five major dermatology training institutions.

In plastic surgery, 15 distinguished specialists will participate as speakers under the three main themes of thread lifts, facelifts, and lipo-filling. Professor Park Dae-hwan, who has organized over nine international conferences in plastic surgery, will lead the sessions together with three university hospitals and five renowned local hospitals in Daegu for the ultimate opportunity to acquire the latest technologies right here in Korea, the world’s plastic surgery destination. Live surgeries will be conducted at V Plastic Surgery, where participants can experience one of Korea’s leading cosmetic centers with its cutting-edge auditorium facilities that host training sessions for visiting international physicians throughout the year.

The courses on hair transplantation will be led by Professor Kim Jung-chul at the Hair Transplantation Center at Kyungpook National University Hospital (KNUH), who singularly pioneered the global hair transplant trend by developing the world’s first follicular unit transplantation (FUT) process and currently commands the world’s highest follicle survival rate of 92% at KNUH together with his protégé Professor Kim Moon-gyu. A total of 8 speakers from Daegu, Seoul, Busan, Gwangju, and other cities will provide lectures and live surgeries (6 hours) in two teams. The live surgeries will be performed at a dedicated training facility at the KNUH Hair Transplantation Center where Professor Kim Jung-chul serves as director.

Of all medical sectors, Daegu is strongest especially in the area of dentistry, and the city is home to numerous implant companies. For APAAC, dentistry courses will be led by the Kyungpook National University School of Dentistry. The courses will be practical and useful, with the participation of such institutions as Duk Young Dental Hospital, featured in the Guinness Book of World Records, and Megagen Implant, Daegu’s foremost implant company. The lectures and relevant hands-on practice sessions will guarantee that participants will get the most out of the program. While the city is strong in all areas of medicine, Daegu boasts the highest level of expertise in dentistry with nationally-recognized companies located in the city to provide easy access to information on the latest devices and technologies.

The Daegu Convention & Visitors Bureau is serving as the Secretariat for the entire event. The Bureau will continue to provide support after the completion of the program to promote networking between the speakers and trainees and among the trainees themselves, and develop opportunities for inter-hospital exchange and continued master course programs.

We hope you will seize this opportunity to engage in far-ranging exchange with fellow professionals at this inaugural event so that the 2018 Asia Pacific Anti-Aging Course can be a practical means to acquire medical expertise for its participants and develop into a networking platform in the future.

September 27, 2018

Daegu Convention & Visitors Bureau President

Chang Gohn Paik