Lecture Program & Hands-on

November. 23 (Fri) l EXCO 322

9:00–10:20Esthetic Periodontal & Implant Surgery on Anterior Area
To conduct esthetic implant procedure with long-term safety, consideration of 3 esthetic components (yellow, pink and white esthetics); selection of procedural method per patient and treatment site conditions, and installation of biologically stable fixture are required.
Yong Gun KimDetail
Associate Professor, Department of Periodontology, Kyungpook National University School of Dentistry
10:30–12:00Soft Tissue Management for Esthetic Dentistry
Myung Hwan AhnDetail
Director, Mir dental hospital, Daegu, Korea
12:20-13:30 Lunch
13:30–14:50The Solution of Diastema Closure by Laminate or Clear Aligner
Due to the extended life expectancy and increase in interest in esthetics, importance of front tooth is highlighted for not only healthy molar but also beautiful smile. Since in most cases, the crack between the front teeth accompanies gum disease, the treatments below will be examined:
1) Gum treatment using Er:YSGG laser effective in adults;
2) Partial brace or laminate procedures to remove crack between the front teeth, including transparent brace using 3D printer (Zenith, DENTIS) and
3) laminate treatment using CAD/CAM method.
Sang Don Joo Detail
Director, Daegu YeStar Dental Clinic
15:00–16:00Digital Clinical and Laboratory Techniques for Fabricating Optimal Esthetic Restorations
Optical scanning and the computer can be used in the design of dental prosthesis to manufacture customized dental prosthetic appliance easily usable in clinical practice, with appropriate imagery data. Manufacturing method of customized dental prosthetic appliance with high prevision as the recently introduced digital technologies applied to clinical practice will be introduced and considerations and protocol that are required to obtain slippery and glossy surface upon adjustment of zirconia prosthetic appliance in clinical practice will be examined.
Du Hyeong LeeDetail
Assistant Professor, Department of Prosthodontics, Kyungpook National University Dental Hospital
16:10–17:30Implant and Tooth Combined Overdenture
The three important factors for denture success are support, stability and retention. Removable partial denture, especially with distal extension base should have support and stability because these two factors are essential for pain-free RPD. There are several methods for increasing support and stability for RPD: Taking functional impression at edentulous ridge, increasing support and stability using splinting abutments, using attachment other than clasp (double crown), and strategic implant placement method. This presentation contains indication and biomechanics of double crown, and the attachment systems for implant combined denture.
Jin Hyun ChoDetail
Assistant Professor, Department of Prosthodontics, Kyungpook National University Dental Hospital

November. 24 (Sat) l EXCO 322

9:00–10:00Quick and Easy Sinus Graft Operation
All patients and dentists who are expecting sinus bone graft operation prefers simple, easy and safety-guaranteed treatment. Such treatment goal can be achieved by raising the success rate of the sinus graft operation while minimizing postoperative complications. Good operation outcomes decrease stress caused to the dentist and increase satisfaction and reliability of the patient. In the past, sinus graft operation was a quite difficult procedure for most of dentists and the success rate of the procedure was not that high. However, the success rate and the survival rate of sinus graft operation have recently become similar to that of other site operations. This lecture will go over the development process of sinus graft, the treatment plan, which has the most influence on the success of the operation, and the characteristics and advantages of Reamer tool known to be most effective so far and examine a number of clinical cases of sinus graft, including perforation, which occurs most frequently among complications. The oretical consideration and summary of clinical approach provided by this lecture will help all private hospital doctors to conduct sinus graft operation easily with high prevision and minimized complication rate
Young Joon Cho Detail
Director, MAC Dental Clinic
10:10–11:30Predictable Bone Augmentation & Minimal Invasive Sinus Augmentation
Winston Lee Detail
Chief Director, Gyeongsan Mir Dental Hospital
11:40–12:30Preprosthetic Orthodontic Treatment with Microimplants; Molar Intrusion, Molar Uprighting
It is hard to restore the missing molar with proper shape of restoration and without grinding of the crown on mesially tipped molar and an extruded molar. The proper alignment of these teeth is more important, when the missing molar is planned to be restored with dental implant. These teeth movements are performed with conventional orthodontic mechanics, and the deterioration of existing occlusion at anchorage unit is inevitable. The utilization of Microimplant, providing absolute anchorage, can aid achieving goals without side effects and with efficiency. This lecture will deal with intrusion of extruded molar and uprighting of mesially tipped molar, which is most commonly seen in clinics.
Hyo-Sang ParkDetail
Professor & Clinical Director, Department of Orthodontics, Kyungpook National University Dental Hospital
14:00–15:30R2GATE Digital Oral Design
Jong Cheol KimDetail
Adjunct Professor, School of Dentistry, ChunnamNational UniversityHospital, Chief Researcher of MegaGen Implant Co.,Ltd

November. 25 (Sun) l EXCO 322

9:00–10:501) CAD/CAM Crown Fabrication: Intraoral Scanning, Designing, and 3D Printing
2) Zirconia Finishing and Polishing
Du Hyeong Lee Detail
Assistant Professor, Department of Prosthodontics, Kyungpook National University Dental Hospital
11:00–12:30Anterior Minor Tooth Movement for Anti-aging
Sung Koog JungDetail
Director, Mir Dental Hospital, Daegu


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