Official Welcome Dinner

  • Date: November 23rd Friday, 18:00~20:00
  • Place: 325, EXCO
  • Participation Fee: Free of Charge
  • Program
    18:00 Opening Ceremony (Hosted by Daegu Metropolitan City)
    18:30 Korean Traditional Performance - Hanbok(Korean Traditional Costume) Fashion Show - Musical Gala Show
    19:00 Dinner (Set Menu)

    * Dinner, English & Chinese Guide, Transportation are included.

Official Networking Tour & Dinner

  • Date: November 24th Saturday, 18:00~21:00
  • Place: Daegu Downtown
  • Participation Fee: Free of Charge
  • Program
    18:00 Departure to Dongseongro, Downtown of Daegu
    18:30 Daegu Cultural Alley Tour (Daegu Gyesan-dong Catholic Church, Old house of Lee Sang-hwa, Oriental Medicine Museum and so on)
    20:00 Networking Dinner (Seomun Market or Downtown Area)

    *Dinner, English & Chinese Guide, Transportation are included.

* Registration for the Pre & Post Tour Program is available at the Welcome Desk within the Medicity’s Booth.

(Optional) Pre Program

Theme: Site Inspection on Medical Industry of Daegu, Korea.
Date: November 22nd Thursday or 26th Monday

This program provides participants with the opportunity to inspect the several leading medical institutions that holds outstanding medical services and technologies of Medicity Daegu. The program includes visiting Medivalley ,a high-tech medical industrial complex for the globalizing the national medical industry, and representative hospitals of Daegu.

(Optional) Pre Program

Theme: UNESCO World Cultural Heritage – Andong hahoe Village
Date: November 22nd Thursday

Andong Hahoe Village has been designated as a national treasure of Korea, and the whole town became the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2010. The significant symbol of the village is the traditional mask, Hahoe Tal. Participants of this program are able to enjoy Hahoe Byeolsingut Talnori, the Korean Traditional Mastk Performance. In addition, when visitors climb Buyongdae across the river by ferry, they can see the beautiful scenery of Hahoe Village at a glance.

(Optional) Post Program

Theme: UNESCO World Cultural Heritage - Gyeongju
Date: November 26th Monday

As the capital of Silla Dynasty ruling Korea for about thousand years, Gyeongju has many important historical monuments of Korea. Especially, Bulguksa Temple and Seokguram Grotto are the prime exemplers showing Buddist beliefs and manifesting architectural beauty. It also boasts the fascinating natural sight and abundant delicious local food.

(Optional) Post Program

Theme: UNESCO World Cultural Heritage – Haeinsa Temple
Date: November 26th Monday

Haeinsa Temple has been appointed as a universal cultural heritage where many cultural properties and historical treasures remain. In particular, it preserves The Tripitaka Koreana that is the oldest printing woodblocks remaining today. It is the complete collection of all the sacred writings of Buddhism. Visitors also have a chance to learn the important Korean history through VR movie here.

  • Participation Fee: USD 50, KRW 50,000
  • Pre-Registration:
  • On-site Registration: at Registration Desk, EXCO
  • Program
    09:00 Departure from the Venue (EXCO) *TBC
    10:30 Hapcheon Haeinsa Temple
    13:00 Lunch (Local Food)
    15:30 Departure to Daegu
    17:00 Arrival at the Hotels

    *Lunch, English & Chinese Guide, Transportation are included.

Other Tourist Attractions

Mt. Biseulsan
An ideal place for relaxation and respite
Gukchaebosang Memorial Park
Park created to honor the Gukchae-bosang Movement
Nakdonggang River and Gangjeong-Goryeong Weir
The lifeline river of Daegu
Sincheon Stream
The river crossing the center of the city
Suseongmot Lake
A restful attraction for citizens and visitors
The famous mountain in Daegu
83 Tower
A European style theme park
Seomun Market
The biggest traditional market in Daegu
Daegu Stadium
The sports stadium that hosted the 2002 FIFA World Cup
The busiest shopping street in Daegu
The oldest park in Daegu
Gyeongsang Gamyeong and Old Alleys
The site of the governor's office 400 years ago